Puppets Love: A (Med MDIO) Love Story – RAC Sessa Aurunca


Monday, February 27, 2017. On the hills of the amazing project “Med Love” of the Mediterranean Multi District Information Organization  (Med MDIO), the Rotaract Club Sessa Aurunca organized a collection of  materials to entertain childrens in hospital.

puppets love copertina FB

Together with the Inner Wheel Club of Sessa Aurunca, they achieved to collect a large amount of toys, books, puzzles, logic games, board games and drawing materials such as crayons, pencils, pens, cards and notebooks. The President of the RAC Club Sessa Aurunca Floriana Maria Knowles said: “-It was a very touching experience to see all the childrens so happy” and she made a promise to continue with this project and organize more toy collections.


It was a great success thanks to the collaboration with  all the partners involved, the Inner Wheel Club of Sessa Aurunca with the President Giuliana De Angelis and Maria Sorvillo, the head of the hospital Dott. Del Prete, the head nurse Rosaria Celentano and all the members who contributed to the success of the event.